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We Can Fix It and Chester 5000 digital books [07 Jun 2013|01:24am]

Digital versions are now available for both of my books!

The Chester book collects pages 1-137 and has considerably better art than the webcomic, since those pages had a bit of a revamp/clean up.

Check em out:


We Can Fix It:

Also on Comixology:
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Hourly Comic Day 2013! [04 Feb 2013|02:25pm]

The guy who look like Carl Sagan from the the Poirot movie we watched:
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Smut Peddler PDF is on sale now! [20 Sep 2012|09:43pm]

Here’s a few samples from my story. There is some amazing work in this book you guys, I can honestly say this is the sexiest anthology I’ve ever read.

Get it here:



“Indie comics’ most sex-positive, lady-friendly, dirty little mini is back as a FULL-SIZED ANTHOLOGY! Contributors to this retina resolution, DRM-free PDF include Erika Moen, Jess Fink, E.K. Weaver, Carla Speed McNeil, and MORE! (Adults only, please!)”
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Smut Peddler and 8 page preview comic [27 Apr 2012|04:01pm]
WOOOAH you guys!! The Kickstarter for Smut Peddler launched less than 24 hours ago and it's already FUNDED! But you can still contribute!

This is an amazing project and I’m so happy to be a part of it!

First of all it’s filthy, dirty, beautiful, sex comics which of course I love.
Second of all every story is either written or drawn by a lady, so it’s all lady friendly!
Third of all every artist in the book was paid well for their work (which unfortunately is a rarity in comics.)
Fourth of all it is FULL of amazing artists that I myself am a huge, sloppy fan girl about!

Not to mention if the kickstarter goes over it’s goal all those amazing artists will get bonuses for their hard work. Artists getting paid is something that should be the standard anyway, but bonuses? Hot dog.

I myself have a 20 page, hand painted story in this here book and just to add a little more incentive I'm posting an 8 page preview!

You can read it here: (NSFW, obviously)

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Hourly comics day 2012 [03 Feb 2012|02:45pm]
Hey hey! Hourly comics day!

Read the rest here:
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Dirty things! [03 Jan 2012|10:29pm]

I've started a blog for drawing sexy fellows and reposting female gaze related things:
Much art from very talented ladies there!

I've also been working on a 20 page story for an anthology called Smut Peddler. The book is lady friendly in that a lady had to be involved in the writing or drawing of each of the dirty stories. Here are some rough/sketchy samples from my story:

more to come soon.
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Chester 5000 book giveaway! [26 Sep 2011|02:55pm]
I'm having a book give away for Chester 5000 over on my Tumblr!

I chose Tumblr simply because it's easier for people to reblog and spread the word and so I could keep all the entries in one place.

Go here to participate:

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We Are Become Pals Chapter 19 [21 Sep 2011|10:31pm]

It's a story written by Joey Comeau with pictures by me. It is for anyone who has ever had a best friend.
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Podcast! [15 Sep 2011|08:30pm]
Hey! I was on War Rocket Ajax, a comics podcast hosted by the charming Chris Sims and Matt Wilson.

In it we discuss Chester 5000, porn, star trek, various things, and I generally laugh a lot. It’s a goodie, you can hear it here:
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New Chester! [14 Sep 2011|04:45pm]

New page of Chester 5000! Dirty, filthy, 18+ NSFW! I love you!
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TREK JAMMIN' [06 Sep 2011|11:13pm]


What I am picturing is that this sounds horrible. Data is playing some classical thing perfectly because he is a robot and that’s all he can do. Meanwhile, Riker and Picard are just straight up blowin down the house with insane toots. The Doctors are confounded and Worf just wants to be part of the fun. Geordi is too busy for this shit.
Trek recap comics:

HEY, you know WHAT? I will be at SPX this weekend in Bethesda, MD!

I will have Chester books, jewelry, and probably print versions of this crazy thing.

Come see me!!! I’ll be at table H6!
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New Kid With Experience! [31 Aug 2011|04:21pm]
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New Chester [30 Aug 2011|03:23pm]

New page of Chester 5000: Isabelle and George! SO FILTHY not safe for work! 18+
Read it here:
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New Chester page [26 Aug 2011|04:00pm]


Read it here:
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New Chester [11 Aug 2011|12:02am]
Two new pages of Chester 5000, starting here (NSFW) :

and here's another sped up video of me inky washing one of the latest pages. Actual time is about 35-40 minutes.

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New Chester ! [03 Aug 2011|11:10pm]
Two new pages of Chester 5000!
Starting here:

This update is safe for work.

ALSO here's a sped up video of me ink washing some of the last Chester page.You can't really see the details of what I'm doing which is why I keep switching the camera around. If I worked on the computer more I would probably record more. I will keep experimenting, maybe I can actually get this to work sometime!

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[01 Aug 2011|03:38pm]

I've got some new designs up on Hey Chickadee!

Day of the Dead Marigold skull, Galaxy Skull, Business cat and Elemental earrings!
Check em here:
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Chesty sketches [01 Aug 2011|03:33pm]
The first CHESTY 5000 sketches I ever did.

Chesty here (NSFW)

Daym girl, you crazy. Literally crazy, I am afraid of you.
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We are become pals [19 Jul 2011|01:11pm]
Joey Comeau is one of my very favorite writers and I am happy to announce we are working on an exciting project together! Check it out!

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Strong Female Characters [01 Jul 2011|12:06am]

Some Strong Female Characters Fanart for Kate, Meredith and Carly! Because I love them so, SO MUCH.

I thought Chesty might get along real well with these ladies.
Chesty here:
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